How to request an UberPool

To request an UberPool pickup either first select the UberPool vehicle option on the slider at the bottom of the app's screen or select the UberX vehicle option then, toggle on the 'Find an UberPool match' option.

Next, you will need to let us know how many people you are planning on traveling with. This can be up to 2 riders. If you have 2 extra friends, best to take an UberX and use split fare to split the fare amongst your friends.

After setting your pickup location, you'll be prompted to enter your destination as well. Once you have entered your destination, you will see an upfront price for the ride. Confirm and we'll try to match you with another rider headed the same way.

You’ll see an estimated time to be matched with an eligible driver. If no drivers are available for the type of ride you’ve chosen, the app will suggest an alternate ride type with available drivers nearby.