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I left my phone in a car

If you left your phone in your driver's car and can't sign in to your account at help.uber.com, please fill out the information on this page.

We understand how frustrating it is to lose your phone and will do everything we can to help you locate it.
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The person who requested the trip must report the lost item in their own Uber app. They can select the trip from their trip history, tap "I lost an item," then tap "Contact driver about a lost item" to provide their phone number. This helps us connect with the right driver, faster.
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- For security reasons, we'll need to verify your identity and account in order to help
- By providing us permission to share your number, you understand that Uber will share this exact phone number with your driver for this trip and the driver may then contact you directly through your phone. Your driver will then have this number indefinitely and/or as long as they choose to retain it.
- A $15 fee is charged to your account once your lost item is returned to pay a driver for their time.

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