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I was charged a cleaning fee

To help riders enjoy comfortable rides, drivers strive to maintain clean vehicles.

Riders are responsible for damage to the interior or exterior of a vehicle caused by incidents such as vomiting or food spills.

Cleaning fees are assessed based on the fee guide displayed below:

Flat Fee Guide

$0 - Items that can be thrown away or wiped up quickly; any mess caused by water
$20 - Small interior mess, requires vacuuming or simple cleaning (ex. Minor food/beverage spills, dirt, etc.)
$40 - Moderate exterior mess (ex. food/beverage mess on vehicle exterior)
$80 - Moderate interior mess (ex. larger food/beverage spill on fabric or other hard-to-clean surfaces, minor bodily fluid messes)
$150 - Any incident that requires cleaning between the window/door or air vents, major bodily fluid mess.

Professional cleaning fees are based on nationwide industry averages. If issued to a rider, these fees are provided in full to the driver.

In the event you are charged a cleaning fee, you will receive an updated trip receipt.

If you were charged a cleaning fee you feel is inaccurate or unfair, please let us know here.
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