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Uber Charter lets you book high-capacity group rides, such as limo buses, sprinter vans, and buses, directly from the Uber app in 14+ passenger vehicles (if you have a smaller group, feel free to book and spread out). In partnership with US Coachways, we provide an extensive list of charter vehicle vendors nationwide, who are all DOT certified and have passed safety regulations.

Uber Charter is currently available in a limited number of cities, with more coming soon. To book a reservation, check your Uber app to see if Uber Charter is currently available in your area.

Booking Information

To book a ride with Uber Charter:

  1. Go to the Uber app and tap “Charter”
  2. Select “New Trip” and choose the event type, trip type, and number of passengers
  3. Enter your pickup and dropoff details
  4. Choose your vehicle type and enter passenger details
  5. Review your trip details and select “Confirm booking”

NOTE: There is a $25 booking fee for Uber Charter and additional fees and charges may occur depending on the vendor’s fuel, tolls, parking, and overages policy.

Your quoted price includes all fees for the use of the bus, the cost of the driver, insurance, tolls, and gas.

Service fees will be charged separately and include the costs of dispatch and sales support services.

You can see your cancellation fees when you go to cancel your trip in the app.

Payment Information

  • For trips booked 30+ days in advance, you will be required to pay a 20% deposit once your trip is accepted.
  • For trips booked less than 30 days in advance, you will be required to pay the fare in full with no deposit.
  • Uber requires a valid credit card to hold and secure your reservation.
  • Uber accepts most credit cards.
  • Your card will be charged for deposits and balances.
  • Optional extras are available for purchase on your Uber Charter reservation including wi-fi, outlets/USB ports, cancellation protection, and alcohol consumption (must confirm all passengers are 21 years old or older).
  • If your payment is rejected, please navigate to the Uber app. Tap “Account” and then “Wallet” to complete your unfinished payments. Your Charter trip request will not be processed until your payment is confirmed.

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