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Managing employee accounts

Sign into​ your Uber for Business dashboard to manage your account. As account admin, you can use this dashboard to:

An employee must have a personal Uber account to be added. Tap “Add Employees” to get started. You can add employees individually or use the CSV upload feature to add a list of employees. Use the Import/Export drop-down​ tab to select Import CSV. You’ll be prompted to drag and drop your CSV file.

Tap Employees to review any employees’ enrollment status, which displays next to their names.
A green icon means the employee has already connected a personal Uber account or created a new one. A gray​ envelope indicates that the employee has been invited but has not yet linked a personal account to your Uber for Business account.

To resend an invite email to any employee, check the box next to that employee’s name and then tap the blue invite icon at the top of your employee list. To update an employee's information, hover over their row and tap the pencil icon.

Select Trips from the dashboard to view all trips taken with your business account. Each trip’s history includes time of day, start and end location, city, duration, and the selected vehicle option (uberX, UberBLACK, etc). You can also download all trip information in a CSV format.

To remove an employee from your Uber for Business Account, select the Employees tab. Check the box next to the name of the employee you’d like to remove. Then tap the small trash can near the top of the page. You can also use the IMPORT/EXPORT drop down tab to remove or replace employees with an imported CSV file.

Once removed from your Account, an employee will neither appear in your dashboard nor have access to your company’s payment account via the Uber app.