Uber Car Seat

Uber Car Seat rides in NYC and LA will include a Nuna RAVA seat that can be used in rear-facing or forward-facing positions for children weighing between 5 and 65 pounds.

Nuna RAVA seats are not currently available in Uber Car Seat rides in Orlando and Washington, DC.

How to request a Car Seat trip

  1. Open the app and select your pickup and dropoff locations
  2. Browse the list of available options and select Car Seat
  3. Request your trip

A $10 surcharge is added for Uber Car Seat trips.

Car Seat capacity

Rear-facing convertible

  • 5-50 pounds
  • 49 inches or less
  • Birth to 2+ years old

Forward-facing convertible

  • 30-65 pounds
  • 49 inches or less
  • At least 2 years old


Nuna’s preferred installation method is the vehicle seat belt, as it eliminates confusion about when to switch from lower anchors to the vehicle seat belt, fits more vehicle models, and fits more seating positions.

Do drivers know how to install the car seat?

In LA and NYC, all drivers who provide Uber Car Seat rides must attend a Nuna installation demonstration.

Securing your child

You (the parent, guardian, or caregiver) are responsible for securing the child in the seat. Refer to the resources provided at the time of requesting your ride, or view the video installation instructions and manual below.

What if my child is over 65 pounds or is taller than 49 inches?

Uber Car Seat rides will not be equipped with appropriate seats for these children.

Can I book an Uber Car Seat ride outside of LA and NYC

Currently, Nuna car seats are only available in LA & NYC. You can sign up for the wait list here to be notified if Nuna car seats come to your city.