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UberX VIP is the special view that will offer you trips with the drivers partners qualified by other users, for the same price of Uber X. If the view was activated automatically in your application, it is because you meet the requirements of the program.

Frequent asked questions

1 - What are the advantages of being a VIP user?
If you are a VIP user and you choose this category, your trips will connect you with the driving partners who have the best qualifications granted by other users within the application. Simply request an uberX VIP. This product will cost exactly the same as uberX.

2 - What do I have to do to remain a VIP user?
To be a VIP user you must be one of our most frequent users of the month, it does not matter if you take uberX, XL, Black or another product. If you achieve this, the following month you will have the option to request all your uberX trips under the VIP view.

3 - What if I do not want to use uberX VIP?
It is not mandatory to use uberX VIP, you can continue using your favorite product.

4 - How do I activate my VIP status?
No activation is required. If you meet the requirements at the end of the month, the view will automatically be activated for you to enjoy this benefit the following month.

5 - How do I know if my account has this option?
To verify if you are a VIP user:
Opens the Uber application;
Choose a destination;
Slide the available car menu to the left.
There you will see the uberX VIP option, if you have the program enabled.

6 - How do I request an uberX VIP?
Open your Uber app.
Choose a destination.

Swipe the available car menu to the left and select uberX VIP.
Check the waiting time (could be higher than uberX).
Enjoy uberX VIP for the same price as uberX.

7 - Will I always have the advantages of uberX VIP?
Not necessarily. UberX VIP is a monthly program and access to it is determined at the end of each month. If in the last days of each month you meet the requirements to be a VIP user, the special view will automatically activate. However, Uber will send you updates about your status. So you can know how close you are to being part of the program.

8 - In which cities will uberX VIP be available?
For the moment, only in Mexico City.

UberVIP has the same list price as uberX but sometimes it may show a slight variation. Because of this, we recommend checking the price before ordering a trip. As there are fewer VIP vehicles available, the waiting time could be slightly higher than that of uberX. UberVIP is a monthly program and will be available until the last day of the month at 11:59 pm. In order to maintain access to UberVIP, the user must be one of our most frequent customers, no matter what product you use (UberX, uberPOOL, UberBLACK). VIP status is automatically activated at the beginning of the month.