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What is an Event or Venue Surcharge?

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Additional surcharges may apply to your trip in certain cities or certain parts of a city. An event surcharge is a geography-based surcharge that may apply to trips to or from certain venues. You'll typically encounter event surcharges during rides to or from events, stadiums, and other venues.

When you request a trip the event surcharge will be automatically included in the upfront price you see before requesting. You can also view the amount of the surcharge on the fare breakdown screen within the app. Tap the upfront price displayed next to the vehicle option, then tap the information icon to get to the fare breakdown screen.

The surcharge will appear as part of the "Tolls, Surcharges, and Fees" item on your receipt for a trip with an upfront price. For trips where the upfront price is not honoured (typically because of a changed route), the surcharge will be itemized on the receipt as "Uber Event Surcharge" or "Uber Venue Surcharge".