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My driver took a poor route
Visit our policy page for more information: https://www.uber.com/refundpolicy
Hourly FAQ
More details about that insurance can be found at https://www.uber.com/us/en/drive/insurance/.
Getting a trip receipt
Login to http://riders.uber.com/trips. 2.
Keeping your Uber account safe
If you are prompted to enter your Uber account email or password, make sure the URL in the address bar of your browser displays https://www.uber.com.,WHAT TO DO IF PHISHING IS SUSPECTED If you receive a message claiming to be from Uber, asking you to go to an external link that isn't from https://www.uber.com, don't click the link and don't respond with any information.,HOW TO HELP KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT SECURE: - Use a unique password that you don't use on other websites - Make sure your password contains at least 10 characters, lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and at least one symbol - Only provide your login info on https://www.uber.com - Make sure your computer has the most recent updates and anti-virus software
I'm not receiving receipts or emails
Web: Login to http://riders.uber.com/trips.