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Delivery Barcode Scan FAQs

QUESTION: Why do some deliveries require a barcode scan at pickup and dropoff?

This helps ensure the right order is delivered to the right customer.

QUESTION: How does the delivery barcode scanning work?

- When you accept the delivery, your app will state Barcode Scan Required.
- If no prompt appears when you accept the delivery, no barcode scan is required.
- Scan the provided barcode on the package or each item using your app.
- Once the scan is successful, the app will prompt you to complete the delivery.
- At dropoff, scan the package again.

QUESTION: Where can I find the barcode I need to scan?

On the outside of the bag that contains the order, NOT on any individual product.

QUESTION: What if the barcode scan isn't working?

- Confirm you're scanning the correct barcode on the package
- Confirm you're scanning the correct order
- Make sure your app is up-to-date.

QUESTION: What happens if a barcode is required but isn't on the package at pickup?

Notify the store employee you require assistance. They'll locate the barcode sticker so you can scan it and complete pickup.