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Signing up to deliver on Uber Eats with a bike or on foot

To sign up to deliver with a bike you will need to meet the following eligibility requirements and provide the documents listed below. In some cities, you may also deliver with Uber Eats by walking. You will also need to complete a background check. Requirements may vary by city.

You can start the sign up process here.

Eligibility Requirements:
-At least 18 years old
-Have a US-issued driver s license or state ID
-When signing up be sure to choose 'Delivery by bicycle or foot' under transportation method.

Document Requirements:
To confirm your eligibility, the following documents are required to sign up for delivery on Uber Eats with a bike or on foot. You will be asked to upload these documents to complete your sign up.

Driver s License Document:
-A valid U.S driver's license or a valid US state issued identification card.
-Photo on the document should be clearly visible
-Name must match name on profile
-Must be a photo of the document, scanned documents are not accepted

Background check Process:

-Uber obtains background checks from a third-party provider, Checkr
-Most background checks are completed within 3-5 business days.
-At that point, Uber receives your report from the background check provider, and then your results are reviewed to determine your eligibility on the Uber platform.

Background check dispute process:

-If you think the information contained in the background check report you received is either inaccurate or incomplete, you will need to go to the Checkr Portal to initiate a dispute.
-Uber cannot revise your report or assist in the dispute process.
-The only way to submit a dispute is through Checkr at
-Keep in mind that Checkr does not have any details regarding Uber's decision