How to opt-out of automated calls

You can opt out of these automated calls using the automated Interactive Voice Response system. After the recorded message has completed, select "9" to opt out of receiving calls for that specific use case in the future.

Please note that if you've signed up for multiple robocalling use cases, you'll only be opted out of the use case for which you received a call.

If you're still receiving issues and would like us to manually opt you out, please put the phone number below.

For context, these calls are triggered when an incoming order is not accepted, or when a restaurant is offline during the restaurant's open hours. These calls are intended as courtesy to help optimize the restaurant's acceptance rate.

Tu sa odošle automatická správa, ktorá potvrdí, že si to naozaj ty. Otvor ju a vyber možnosť Potvrdiť e-mailovú adresu, aby sme ťa mohli spojiť s členom nášho tímu. Píšeš z krajiny