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What is Top Eats?

Top Eats is a program recognizing great delivery restaurants on Uber Eats. Based on information from real orders, we’re highlighting restaurants that go above and beyond for their customers. Top Eats restaurants can expect greater in-app discoverability which could attract more customers and increased sales.

How does a restaurant qualify for Top Eats?

A restaurant may qualify for Top Eats based on the following eligibility criteria:

  • Star rating: More than or equal to 4.8
  • Completed orders: Must have completed at least 100 orders
  • Online Rate: Must be more than or equal to 81%
  • Missed order rate: Must maintain less than or equal to a 2% inaccurate order rate
  • Inaccurate order rate: Must maintain less than or equal to a 2% inaccurate order rate
  • 90+ days on Uber Eats: Must have been on Uber Eats for atleast 90 days

You can track your progress towards meeting these criteria within the home and feedback pages of Uber Eats Manager.

For more information view the Top Eats Guide by clicking here.


  • Uber Eats reserves the right to add or remove the Top Eats designation from a restaurant at anytime.
  • Eligibility criteria are subject to change.
  • Restaurants that only offer pick-up or deliver orders using their own delivery staff are not eligible for Top Eats at this time.

What Can I Expect to Gain From Joining Top Eats?

Greater in-app discoverability

Restaurants that qualify for the Top Eats program enjoy premium placement in the Uber Eats app. Qualified restaurants also receive a Top Eats designation badge next to the restaurant name so customers know you’re in the Top Eats program.

Opportunity for increased sales

By being highlighted as a top partner, you can expect to attract more customers and increase sales.

Special recognition

Only the most popular and reliable restaurants can qualify to become a Top Eats restaurant.