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What requirements must you meet to launch a virtual restaurant?

A Virtual Restaurant menu must be differentiated from its associated brick-and-mortar restaurant menu. In order to ensure that new selection is being added to the platform, certain requirements have been put in place for Virtual Restaurants.

-We ask that your virtual restaurant menu contain at least five distinct main dishes that cannot be found on your brick-and-mortar menu. These new dishes should not be something customers can create by customizing or combining available item(s) on your brick-and-mortar menu.
-Your virtual restaurant menu should have at least 7 main dishes.
-Menu items should have clear descriptions.
-You need to be an existing Restaurant partner on the Uber Eats app to be eligible

To begin your steps to launch a Virtual Restaurant, follow the steps below:

1. Get in touch
If you're interested, visit the link below
We'll be in touch to discuss your business and ensure it's a good fit.

2. Identify opportunities
Our team can dive into the data to identify dishes and cuisines that customers are searching for in your area.

3. Design menus
We can help you develop the optimal menu, complete with the items and extras that nearby customers are craving.

4. Go live
Your Virtual Restaurant will launch as a new restaurant in the Uber Eats App, putting your ingredients and in-demand dishes in front of hungry customers.