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Learn more about Uber Copter

1. Who is eligible for Uber Copter?

Uber Copter is currently available to select riders. We are excited to expand Uber Copter to more riders in the near future. If you're eligible and your pick-up or drop-off location is located south of Houston St going to or from JFK, Uber Copter will appear as an option in your Uber app. You might need to scroll down to see it.

2. How does Uber Copter work?

Flights are operated by our direct air carrier partner, HeliFlite. Uber is not an air carrier and does not operate flights. You can find more about HeliFlite at

Uber Copter is a multi-modal travel experience. When you book through the app, your trips to and from the heliport are included. Those trips are arranged via the Uber app and operated by Uber driver-partners.

Uber Copter is currently available Monday - Friday, 1-6pm EST and you can book up to five days in advance.

3. How much does Uber Copter cost?

The price of an Uber Copter trip can vary depending on demand for the service. Refer to your app for the most up-to-date prices.

Prices are indicated per person and agreed to up front.

When arranging a trip with Uber Copter, we will facilitate a ride from your point of origin to the heliport, in addition to a ride to your terminal after the Copter arrives at the heliport.

4. I need more information on Service Security.

By participating in the Uber Copter Service, you agree to follow all safety instructions provided by Uber, our direct air carrier partners, and third party security contractors at all times, including in the event of an emergency or an evacuation.

You will be shown a safety video and/or receive safety instructions prior to boarding.

Passengers who do not pass screening checks will not be able to board.