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Terms of Use

In light of our growth as well as some of the changes in our services, we've updated our U.S. Terms of Use, effective November 21, 2016. These updates won't change the way you usually use Uber to request rides or deliveries.

Some key highlights:
- We included updated information about our expanding services
- We included updated information about charges and payment options
- We revised our arbitration agreement which explains how legal disputes are handled
- Information is clarified and reorganized

The updated Terms can be viewed at the link below. If you use the Uber app or services on or after November 21, 2016, you're confirming that you've read and agreed to the updated Terms.

We've revised and reorganized our arbitration agreement to make sure users stay informed of how legal disputes are handled. This lets a third-party arbitrator help us resolve disputes.

Specifically, we've added language to make sure users understand what type of disputes they are agreeing to resolve on an individual basis in arbitration, as well as the rules and governing law for resolving those disputes. Under this agreement, users retain the right to bring an individual action in small claims court and the right to seek injunctive or other equitable relief with regard to certain types of claims. This agreement is an important part of our relationship with users, so we encourage you to read it carefully.

Our U.S. Terms of Use govern access to or use of the Uber services from within the United States and its territories and possessions. A different set of terms may govern access to or use of the Uber services outside the U.S.

You may have received this email if you take frequent trips within the United States, even if you signed up or live outside the U.S.

These updated U.S. Terms of Use apply to riders and to users requesting deliveries through Uber. If you have an Uber partner account, you can log into your partner dashboard to see a copy of any additional terms you may have agreed to.

Yes. Our U.S. Terms of Use apply to the access or use of Uber's mobile applications or websites that enable users to arrange and schedule transportation, logistics and/or delivery services. That includes the UberEATS app.