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Using Uber for event transportation

Uber offers two solutions for providing event transportation: Uber Events and Vouchers.


Through Uber Events, you can purchase ride passes for event attendees, which act as credit toward trips to the event. You can set date, time, and location parameters for the ride passes, and you only pay for passes that are used, plus a small administrative fee.

Please note that setting up event transportation through Uber Events is a one-time setup. You cannot edit an event once it has been created. Once you enter your guest list and payment information, you'll receive an event summary and payment receipt via email before and after your event.

Visit the following link to set up transportation through Uber Events:
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Through our Uber for Business platform, you can purchase Vouchers for event attendees, which act as credit toward trips to the event. Sign in to your Uber for Business account at any time to update event details, settings, guests, and generate expense reports once the event is over.

You may be required to use Vouchers through Uber for Business if you need more than $10,000 worth of rides, or your event runs for more than 7 days.

Visit the link below to learn more about Vouchers:
Or contact us for help setting up your event transportation with Vouchers: