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What is the Tax Summary used for?

We're currently preparing your 2019 tax documents and they'll be available by January 31, 2020. This timeline will be honored whether or not the government is shut down.

All Uber tax summaries will be available on the partners.uber.com Tax Information tab no later than January 31st.

If you met the earnings thresholds to receive 1099s and opted for e-delivery, your 1099s will also be available on the partners.uber.com Tax Information tab by January 31st.

If you met earnings thresholds for 1099s and did not opt for e-delivery, your 1099s will be sent via mail by January 31st.

When tax documents are available, we'll share notifications over email and in-app! Thanks for your continued patience.

The Uber Tax Summary is designed to help you keep more of what you've earned over the year. The Tax Summary provides a detailed breakdown of your annual earnings and business-related expenses that may be deductible. Potential deductible business-related expenses may vary depending on how your business is set up. You'll receive an Uber Tax Summary this year on your Partner Dashboard before January 31, 2020.

This year's Tax Summary also includes a record of all your online miles for the year, which may be deductible. Total online miles includes all the miles you drove waiting for a trip, en-route to a rider, and on a trip.

We recommend that you seek guidance from a qualified tax service like TurboTax, and/or contact an independent tax professional to better understand your possible deductions.