Tuko hapa kukusaidia

Muda wa Kuendesha Gari

For your safety and the safety of others, people who drive using the Uber app are limited to driving no more than 12 total hours at a time. Once you reach this limit, the app will prevent you from accepting trips for 6 straight hours.

If you go offline at any point, that time will not be counted toward the 12-hour limit.

If your vehicle is stopped for more than 5 minutes while you are still online, anything after the first 5 minutes will not be counted toward the 12-hour limit.

You'll know if you're getting close to your maximum driving time through the app. We'll notify you as you approach the 12-hour driving limit, both 2 hours before and 1 hour before, so you can plan when you want to go offline.

After this time you can come back online and continue driving on the app.

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