Tuko hapa kukusaidia

Request a trip with VoiceOver

Here's how to request a trip with VoiceOver turned on:

1. Single-tap, then double-tap the "Where to?" box. Enter a destination or select from a list of suggested destinations.

2. Your pick-up location is automatically set to your GPS location. To change it, tap your pick-up location, then double-tap it to edit your location.

3. Use three fingers to swipe through the vehicle options available in your area. Single-tap, then double-tap one to select it for your trip.

4. Single-tap, then double-tap the "CONFIRM PICK-UP" button at the bottom of your screen to request your trip

5. You'll receive a notification when your driver has arrived. The message will be read aloud.

6. Single-tap, then double-tap the bar at the bottom of your screen to access the following options:

- Contact your driver - single-tap, then double-tap the round phone icon to call your driver's phone number or place a free call

- Cancel your trip - single-tap, then double-tap the "Cancel" button, then single-tap, then double-tap the "Yes, cancel" button to confirm.

- Share your status - single-tap, then double-tap the "Share status" button, then select people from your list of contacts. Uber will text a link to those contacts to track your trip.

- Split the fare - single-tap, then double-tap the "Fare split" button and select a contact