Sharing your pickup location (Android)

This feature allows drivers to see your live location in addition to your designated pick up spot when you request a ride. This helps in faster and timely pickups as it lets drivers know if you’re moving towards them or where to look for you if your pin is not in your exact location. It also reduces the likelihood of your driver canceling.

Live location sharing is turned on, by default, for riders and drivers during the last three minutes of the pickup. You’ll be notified as soon as live location sharing is turned on and you always have the option to turn off sharing your live location.


When live location sharing is enabled, your location will be shared with your driver only when they are close to your pickup location and the ETA is less than 3 minutes.

When the live location sharing is enabled for the first time, you’ll receive a notification beside the Live location sharing icon that says “Sharing live location with your driver to help them find you”. Your location is only shared until your trip begins or is cancelled. If you use this feature it will be on for all trips, unless you disable it

You have the ability to pause or disable this feature at any time during the pick up. To pause or disable live location sharing with your driver, tap the live location sharing icon near the bottom right corner of the map once you’ve been assigned a driver.

You can also do this through your settings:

  1. Tap “Account” on the homescreen
  2. Tap “Settings”
  3. Scroll down and select “Privacy”
  4. Tap “Location”
  5. Toggle “Share Location with Your Driver” to the on or off position


Once you’re connected to a driver after requesting a trip, you’ll see the live location sharing icon pulsing in the bottom right hand corner of the map.

If you’re requesting a ride for someone else, live location sharing will not be turned on.