Wasiliana na dereva

Uber allows you to contact your driver without revealing your phone number by placing a free call directly within the Uber app.

When you call or text, drivers will not see your personal phone number. Instead, they’ll receive a call or text message from a unique, anonymous local number. This anonymized number may change. If a driver saves this number and tries to use it later to contact you, the call won’t connect.

To use this option, follow these steps once you’ve requested a ride:

  1. Tap the phone icon from the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Select “Free call”
  3. If it’s your first time using the “Free call” option, you’ll need to grant permission to your phone’s microphone.

In-app calling is a new feature that will become available to more customers in the coming months. Not everyone will see the option to make in-app calls in their app right away.