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How do restaurant payments work?

Uber Eats payments are issued weekly via direct deposit into your bank account.

The Uber Eats pay period runs from 12 AM on Monday until 12 AM on Monday of the following week, with deposits initiating on Mondays. It typically takes 1-2 days for banks to process payments so you should receive deposits by the middle of each week. If you have recently updated your bank information or inputted it for the first time, it can take an additional week for payments to post.

You can review all of your past pay statements by logging into your Restaurant Manager - restaurant.uber,com - from your computer and navigating to the "Payments" tab. You can also download an order-by-order breakdown of each payment, including order number, date and time, tax, subtotal, fees, adjustments, and net payout.

From here, you can also check the status of your payments ("pending" or "paid") as well as the bank account on file by scrolling to "Bank Account Details" at the bottom of the page.

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