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Restaurant submitted menu photo guidelines

Meet these requirements to ensure your uploaded menu photos are accepted:

Accurately represent a single item from your Uber Eats Menu
Be framed in the center (i.e items should not appear at the corners or off frame)
Be between 5:4 and 6:4 aspect ratio (recommended)
Own and or have the right to use your images

- Contain more than 1 single item (i.e a menu photo for pizza should display only pizza; not pizza and hamburgers)
- Depict people (except for hands)
- Be blurry or out of focus
- Have strong shadows or insufficient lighting
- Depict an unsanitary environment (including dirty surfaces, plating/packaging, or used cutlery)
- Contain logos or watermarks *
- Contain any text/words *
- Infringe anyone else's rights with respect to such images

* Exceptions for logos/text on food items the merchant sells or on packaging/plating, but no profanities allowed

- File type = jpg, png, gif
- Max 10 MB size
- Height: 440-10,000 pixels
- Width: 550-10,000 pixels
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Your photo might have been rejected because it did not adhere to the guidelines above. Once you've edited your photo, you can submit it again for approval.
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To learn how to add photos to your menu, see article:
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By uploading photos, you (1) represent and warrant that you have usage rights and don't violate any 3rd party rights; (2) sub-license the right to such photos to Uber, including the right to modify photos without permission; and (3) release Uber from liability relating to such photos.
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For guidelines on uploading new photos , see the page below: