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Updating menu hours in Restaurant Dashboard

To edit your menu hours on Restaurant Dashboard:

1. Tap the menu icon and then tap "Hours"
2. Select a menu from the dropdown and tap "Edit hours." You can assign different hours for different days of the week.
3. Update your hours and tap "Update." Managers will receive an email confirmation of the change.

You can also update restaurant hours in Restaurant Manager. See this article for instructions:
NOTE: If you're a POS-integrated restaurant, you'll need to edit hours in Restaurant Manager. You can only view hours in Restaurant Dashboard.
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Anybody with access to your restaurant's tablet will be able to edit menu hours in Restaurant Dashboard. To disable this feature:

1. Go to "Settings"
2. Tap the toggle next to "Edit menu hours in Restaurant Dashboard?"

When the toggle is off, you can only edit menu hours in Restaurant Manager. You can turn this feature back on at any time.