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Why is there a fee for busy areas?

When there are more Uber Eats orders in a certain area than delivery partners who are able to deliver them, we charge an extra fee to ensure you can still get the food you want, when you want it.

Your app will let you know ahead of time when Uber Eats is busy in a particular area. On your home screen, restaurants in busy areas will display an arrow indicating the extra fee. The amount of the fee will be displayed when you open the restaurant's menu. The fee will have its own line item on your checkout screen, receipt, and order history.

Scheduled meals are subject to these fees based on the fee amount at the time of the order, not the delivery time.

Fees for busy areas are dynamic. When the number of delivery partners gets tight, we charge a fee so that we can continue to provide delivery partners incentives to get on the road. This helps us make sure you can get your order efficiently and reliably.