What is the $5 credit on orders?

On eligible deliveries, Uber One members will receive $5 in Uber Cash if our Latest Arrival estimate of a completed order was wrong. The Latest Arrival estimate is shown after you place your order.

Two times are displayed after your order is placed:

  • Estimated Time of Delivery - Earliest expected time that your order will be delivered. This time may adjust during your order due to external factors, such as weather, courier availability, restaurant prep time, etc.
  • Latest Arrival By - Best estimate for your order based on previous and similar orders. We do our best but it may not be correct 100% of the time. This time does not change throughout the order delivery.

The order must additionally exceed the Latest Arrival estimate to receive the $5 Uber Cash. Orders that arrive before the Latest Arrival estimate will be considered on time. Look for the gold Uber One icon underneath the restaurant name to determine if the order is eligible.

Note: The Latest Arrival estimate is calculated and displayed once an order has been placed and is confirmed; therefore, estimates shown before the order is placed do not count for the $5 Uber Cash.