فهم التقييمات

Uber aims to provide a safe and positive experience for drivers and riders. Uber drivers are given an overall rating score that’s calculated from the average of all rider ratings. As a new driver, you start with a 5-star rating. Initially, your overall rating may fluctuate more with fewer trips rated. Over time, as you complete more trips, each new rating has a smaller impact on your overall score.

How to view your current rating

  1. Open the Driver app
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner
  3. Select your profile photo
  4. Your rating appears below your name

How ratings work

Your overall star rating is calculated from the average of all rider ratings: *Riders can score their experience from 1 to 5 stars *Riders are guided while rating trips to ensure clarity *For a rating of less than 5 stars, riders provide anonymous feedback on how your service could improve *They also have the option to select from common issues for specific feedback *After every trip, riders are required to rate it before they can book the next one * If a trip is canceled, a rider won’t rate that trip

About rider comments and ratings

*Rider comments are completely anonymous *Ratings are confidential, which means we cannot disclose ratings for specific trips *Riders see their updated rating only after they rate you, encouraging honest feedback *Individual ratings cannot be removed upon request. They are automatically adjusted when necessary.

What can impact your rating

It’s important to be aware of what can impact your rating score to help you ensure you earn the highest rating possible. *Trips affected by issues outside your control (like traffic) won’t impact your overall rating if noted by the rider *We automatically exclude certain low ratings, such as from riders who mostly give low ratings

Why ratings matter for drivers

Ratings and feedback are designed to support your improvement and ensure riders enjoy high-quality service. Continuous low ratings may result in deactivation after multiple warnings, as we prioritize maintaining service quality.