متى سيتم تفعيل حسابي؟

Account activation after screening

Your account will be activated after we finish checking your information and all your documents are complete.

Once our team is done, you’ll get an email and a text from Uber. This can take some time to complete, so we appreciate your patience.

  • Your background check may take 3-5 business days to complete
  • Uploaded documents can take some time to process. You can check the status of uploaded documents in the app.

Reasons why you haven’t heard back yet

It can take our team time to complete the screening process, but your account activation may be on hold if there are any errors on your end.

  • If you uploaded documents, and they weren’t accepted, you may need to try again
  • You can log into the app to see if there’s anything that needs fixing
  • The app will show any updates or actions you may need to take