Creating a Virtual Restaurant


What is a Virtual Restaurant?

Creating a Virtual Restaurant through Uber Eats lets restaurant owners host a separate store concept within an existing brick and mortar store on Uber Eats.

What will customers see when they order from a Virtual Restaurant?

Once activated, customers see two stores on the Uber Eats app they can order from: your physical store menu and your virtual restaurant menu.

Each Virtual Restaurant has a unique name, listing, and endorsement in the Uber Eats app that links back to the physical, parent store (you!). This way, your customers will always know where their food is coming from.

What’s the benefit?

This program allows you to create new brands and deliver new cuisines to customers, without the risk and expense of opening another physical location.

What are the requirements for opening a Virtual Restaurant with Uber Eats?

A Virtual Restaurant must be run out of an existing kitchen licensed by the state to sell food.

What should my Virtual Restaurant serve?

Create your own concept or work with the Uber Eats team to build a menu that best utilizes your existing equipment, operations, and staff, and most importantly, makes you money!

How do I sign up?

Get in touch

Reach out to support at Be prepared for support to gather the following information:

  • A copy of your virtual restaurant’s menu
  • Information on the store hours for your virtual restaurant
  • Menu photos, or if you don’t have menu photos, a few dates you’ll be available to have SmartShoots come and take some photos of your menu items
  • Whether or not you’d like to have POS integration

There will also be a need to sign some updated agreements before your virtual restaurant is brought online.

Go live

Once you reach out to support with all of this information and signed documents, we will begin the process to launch your Virtual Restaurant as a new restaurant in the Uber Eats App, putting your ingredients and in-demand dishes in front of hungry customers.