Uber Direct FAQ

Uber Direct is a way for Uber to offer integration technology so you can connect to delivery people using the Uber Eats platform.

What can I have delivered?

You can use the Uber Direct API to deliver most items that can be carried by an average person. Please review our API Terms and Community Guidelines for more information on what can and can not be delivered on our platform.

How do I report a lost or damaged item?

Please contact support by calling +1 866-987-3750 or emailing uberdirect@uber.com

How do I coordinate a return trip?

Please contact support by calling +1 866-987-3750 if you do not have access to the delivery person’s phone number.

How can I prepare my staff for Uber Direct?

Here are a few tips we’ve picked up to best support your in-store staff and the delivery driver during pickup:

Have items ready as soon as the delivery driver arrives.

Make sure to give yourself enough prep time so that items are ready to be picked up when the delivery driver arrives. Delays at pickup are much more likely to result in a late delivery.

Have a designated pick-up area where delivery drivers can easily locate the order.

This helps to reduce disruption to your in-store business and to ensure Postmates can be in-and-out in a flash.

Make sure your delivery driver is picking up the correct order by matching up the order ID.

The unique order ID you provide us will be available and visible to delivery drivers at pickup within their driver app.

Clearly label all orders, especially orders containing multiple bags.

This helps delivery drivers be sure they’re handing off the complete and correct order to your customer.

Include all relevant pick-up and drop-off instructions.

Is there a gate code needed to enter the customer’s apartment complex? Is your pick-up area out of the way? Help your delivery driver out by including these details upfront! Keep in mind that pick-up and drop-off note fields each allow a maximum of 280 characters.

NOTE: The below FAQs are only relevant for Direct Dashboard Self-Sign Up Merchants

When am I charged?

You are charged only when you place a delivery order and are billed daily. You can see your statements in your account.

How am I charged?

Uber Direct only accepts credit cards at this time.

Where can I see my billing history?

Go to the ‘Billing’ section of your account. You can see all of your billing documents available for download.

Who do I contact for credit card billing support?

For credit card billing support, please email direct-billing-support@uber.com. Please note again, this is only for credit card billing support.