What items are restricted through Uber Direct?

Restricted items for package delivery include those subject to regulatory requirements, safety standards, or delivery restrictions by Uber. Delivering these items via Uber Direct requires Uber’s approval. Upon request, Uber will inform you of the relevant restrictions. Items that may be restricted for delivery through Uber Direct include:

  • ­Medical Equipment
  • ­Pharmacy Items
    • ­Behind-the-counter (BTC) medications containing certain specified ingredients such as Phenylpropanolamine, Ephedrine (EPH), Pseudoephedrine (PSE), Norpseudoephedrine (NPSE), or Phenylpropanolamine.
    • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications containing certain specified ingredients such as Dextromethorphan.
    • Prescription Medication
    • Temperature sensitive drugs and/or cold chain drugs

These lists are not exhaustive. Uber retains the discretion to prohibit or restrict additional items that are not listed here.

If you have any questions about prohibited or restricted items in Uber Eats, please call 1-833-ASK-EATS.

  1. Press 1 for restaurants
  2. Press 2 for new restaurants (haven’t taken orders)
  3. Ask to speak with a sales representative

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