What kinds of features does Uber Direct offer?

Proof of Delivery Features

We want to ensure that your items, whether food or retail, arrive to your end customer efficiently and safely. In order to better protect your products, our team has developed a number of features for merchants, delivery drivers, and customers to add additional security to our transfer and delivery process. For example, high-value deliveries can require a signature and alcohol deliveries require ID scan for age verification. A photo proof requirement was recently added to confirm drop-off for “leave at door” orders.


For the best delivery experience, we strongly encourage passing your customers their delivery’s tracking link and enabling SMS/push status notifications to help them follow the delivery as it progresses. Please see this article for more information on enabling SMS for your customers.


A required signature from your end customer is a great way to provide proof of delivery. Using this feature, the delivery driver must capture the customer’s signature within their app in order to complete drop-off. Setup and instructions for adding the signature required field to your deliveries are available.


A required photo at drop off can be enabled for non-contact deliveries and as an undeliverable action. Using this feature, the delivery driver must capture a photo at the dropoff or once signaling that the order is undeliverable based on the implementation you have enabled.

Proof Of Delivery (POD)

A required photo or signature at dropoff, when captured, creates a proof of delivery image file (POD) that includes the photo or signature that was captured by the delivery driver along with the delivery token ID for the job. This is available to you using both the dashboard and API. Please see this article for more information on accessing PODs.

Additional Features

Additional features the following:

  • Real-time price quotes when creating new deliveries
  • Ability to have an order delivered ASAP or schedule it to be delivered in the future
  • Ability to require signature and/or ID verification at dropoff
  • Ability to have multiple deliveries picked up at once and delivered to multiple customers
  • Ability to set max delivery distances so orders don’t travel too far
  • Multi-location support if you have more than one storefront
  • Sharable tracking links for you and your customers to monitor delivery status in real time, no login required
  • Accounts are set to return the delivery if the customer is not available. This can be changed to leave items at the door or discard/keep items per your request