Uber Pro cash reward

The Uber Pro Diamond Cash Reward is a loyalty incentive offered to drivers. You need to be a diamond member of Uber Pro (not Uber Eats Pro) to be eligible. You track their status at any time by going to Uber Pro in the app. If you use status protection, you’re ineligible for the reward during that time. The cash reward is not available to drivers in Massachusetts.

Points and status transfer

  • When switching from Uber Eats Pro to Uber Pro during an active period, your points from Uber Eats Pro will not count toward the Uber Pro cash reward.
  • While your status from Uber Eats Pro will carry over, it doesn’t automatically qualify you for the cash reward.
  • You must meet the required Diamond point threshold as an Uber Pro driver in your market to qualify.

Note: The Uber Pro Diamond cash reward has been temporarily paused for the current Uber Pro period (February 1, 2024 - April 30, 2024).

For more information on Uber Pro and how to achieve Diamond status, visit the Uber Pro program page.