What happened to Uber Select, Select, Premium, Premium SUV, LUX, LUX SUV?

We learned from drivers that these trip types are too similar to other trip types. Additionally, fewer riders are requesting trips via these options . With that in mind, Uber Select, Uber Premium, Uber Premium SUV, LUX, and LUX SUV will no longer be available after July 31, 2020. The only exception is in California, where Uber Select is still available; Uber LUX is only available in Los Angeles, CA.

Other options for trip requests that may be available in the app, depending on your vehicle and account status, include UberX, Uber Comfort, UberX Share, UberXL, Uber Black/Premier, and Uber Black SUV/Premier SUV.

Onboarding new drivers is available for LUX in Los Angeles; as Uber Select will be deprecated in CA later this year, onboarding for new drivers is no longer available.