What is UberX Share?

UberX Share allows passengers to share a trip if the app can match them with a co-rider going in the same direction. When you take UberX Share trips, the app offers you the optimal route to pick up all riders along the way.

You will earn UberX time and distance rates - including surge - from the first pickup to the last dropoff.

A rider cannot change the pickup address or destination after requesting a trip with UberX Share, and they can only request UberX Share trips for 1 person.

Your vehicle can accommodate a maximum of 2 passengers at any time with UberX Share. If your vehicle already has 2 passengers, the app won’t let another rider join the trip until you arrive at the destination for at least one of the current riders.

To make traveling with UberX Share enjoyable, please read the rules below:

  • Cancellation of UberX Share requests is free for the rider in the first 2 minutes after the trip has been accepted. If the rider cancels the trip after 2 minutes, you will receive a cancellation fee.
  • The rider will be informed about your arrival at the pickup address and the wait time of at least 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes of waiting, you can cancel the trip while receiving a cancellation fee. If you cancel the trip without waiting for at least 2 minutes, the cancellation fee will not be charged.
  • When traveling with Uber, all users must use protective masks.