Parent dashboards

Parent dashboards have a consolidated view of all associated child organizations and contain 3 tabs:

  1. Insights tab: Surfaces general data for the entire account (all child organizations) and is split between summary or people insights.
  2. Organization tab: Displays an overview of all child organizations linked to the parent dashboard and their information such as organization name, status, billing mode, country, and tax ID.
  3. Reports tab: Surfaces consolidated CSV reports for the entire account and CSVs for individual child organizations.
  4. Sustainability tab: Surfaces metrics to help organizations understand their sustainability impact.

Parent dashboards can’t be used to book rides or place orders. To access rides and order benefits, admins should be added as employees in the related child organization.

Once an Uber Program Administrator is added to a parent dashboard, they can access all linked child organizations. To gain access to or remove an admin from the parent dashboard, reach out to your Account Manager.