Ride statuses and what they mean

Uber Health and Central rides are grouped into 5 categories of ride status, so you know what’s happening in real time. To view details of a ride you arranged, search for a rider or select the ride from Today’s activity on the Uber Health or Central dashboard.

The search feature on the Uber Health dashboard will require an exact match on the first or last name of the rider and does not support phone number search.

When you select a ride, you’ll see the following 5 categories of ride status:

  • Attention needed: Canceled or unfulfilled rides that need checking.
  • Awaiting pickup: The driver is on their way to pick up the rider.
  • In progress: The driver has picked up the rider and is on their way to the dropoff location.
  • Completed: Rides that have ended today (either successfully or canceled). To see all completed trips (today and older), go to Past activity.
  • Upcoming: Rides that are scheduled to happen today. To see all upcoming rides (today and further out), go to Upcoming.

Your dashboard will also show the following:

  • Upcoming: All future rides (scheduled and flexible) booked on your account

  • Drafts: Rides that require more information to become active

  • Past activity: All completed and canceled rides booked on your account

“Attention needed” rides

Canceled or unfulfilled rides will appear under the Attention needed ride status. Depending on the issue, you can rebook the trip or dismiss the alert and take an offline action.

To rebook a ride:

  • Navigate to the trip card and select “Claim issue” in the top right corner.
  • Click “Resolve” and select “Rebook with Uber.”
  • Verify trip information is correct and select “Book ride.”

*Once a flagged trip is resolved, it can’t be reopened. *

If a trip is delayed by more than 10 minutes, it will appear under the Awaiting pickup ride status as Driver delayed or Driver waiting. If you want to contact the driver in order to resolve the issue, you can navigate to the trip card and select “Contact driver.”