Sustainability metrics

Sustainability metrics show data from January 2021 and are updated at the beginning of each month to show data in a selected timeframe and location that can help organizations understand and make informed decisions about their sustainability impact.

To use the Sustainability tab:

  1. Sign in to
  2. On the left side of your dashboard, select Sustainability.
  3. Choose the data you want to view.

Use this tab to monitor:

  • Total number of Uber for Business trips (excluding Uber Eats) taken with Uber Green, Comfort Electric, and Uber Planet (where available) and total distance traveled. These are referred to as “low-emission” trips.
  • Types of Uber for Business trips taken including EV, hybrid, and internal combustion.
  • Percentage of “low-emission” Uber for Business trips in comparison to total Uber for Business trips taken (excluding Uber Eats).
  • Total estimate of on-trip CO2 emissions in kilograms by your organization across all completed Uber for Business trips (excluding Uber Eats).
  • Total estimate of CO2 emissions (in kilograms) avoided by taking EV trips.
  • Total estimate of on-trip average CO2 emissions in grams, divided by the total distance traveled in miles for completed Uber for Business trips (excluding Uber Eats).

You can apply filters to customize data by:

  • Date range filter: Shows data from January 2021 to selected date
  • Location filter: View data from a particular location
  • Program filter: View data for particular program types such as Uber Health, Travel, Central, and Vouchers where available

The data provided is for rides using Uber Travel (linked business profiles), Central, Health and Uber Voucher products. Click Export at the top right of the page to download sustainability metrics.

View trends

The Sustainability tab showcases trends such as:

  • A dynamic insight for the number of low-emission trips showcasing trends of low-emission trips compared to the previous year of the selected date range.
  • A graphical representation of total kg CO2 and average (gCO2/mile) showing monthly trends.

Estimating CO2 emissions

For your reference, here is the methodology that we follow when estimating CO2 emissions for your organization’s Uber for Business trips. The data provided is for rides using Uber Travel (linked business profiles), Central, and Uber Voucher products only, other than Uber Eats. Data is estimated based on the average carbon dioxide emission rates of similar vehicles and the distance (and average speed in US and Canada) on route from rider pickup to dropoff (with deductions for trips shared with other parties). Estimates are based on trip distance and do not account for trip duration.

Please note that this is not a guarantee of the actual emissions or rates from the trip. Emission rates may vary depending on the vehicle make, model, or year. Estimates may vary depending on the specificity of the data available for the trips at issue and in certain regions. For example, outside the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain, estimates are based on emissions intensity for the general vehicle class (e.g., 2- or 3-wheelers, light/medium-duty 4-wheelers, or heavy-duty 4-wheelers).

Average emission rate data in the US and Canada is provided by DataOne. DataOne is an automotive data source providing data to solution and service providers in North America across many sectors including automotive marketing, transportation, and risk management. See for further information.