Third Party Applications

You can connect third-party applications to your Uber account to enable additional features. This most commonly happens when you:

  • Explore benefits and discounts provided by third parties
  • Sign in to other apps with your Uber account

Third-party applications will request permission to access your Uber account and data before enabling these features. Such applications do NOT include:

  • Social accounts used to sign in to Uber apps (like Google or Facebook)
  • Government or regulatory entities
  • Advertisers

Removing access

You can view and manage which third-party applications can access your data under account management.

If you remove access for a third party application, they won’t be able to access your data, and you won’t have access to their services. However, they may still have data they previously accessed.

Please refer to the third party’s privacy notice for information regarding how and why they collect and use your information, and contact the third party if you have any questions. Each third party’s privacy notice can be found under account management.

If you would like to use a third party application whose access you removed in the future, you will be asked to provide access before using the app.

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