Types of rides you can arrange

You can book 4 types of rides (up to 30 days in advance) using Uber Health and Central:

  • On-demand: Allows you to request a ride immediately.
  • Scheduled (up to 30 days in advance): Allows you to schedule a ride for a different day and time.
    • This may also include reserve rides which are premium rides scheduled more than two hours in advance (availability depends on your market).
  • Flexible: Allows the rider to request the ride when they’re ready. When you book a flexible ride for someone, they’ll receive a text message prompting them to request a ride.
  • Round-trip: Allows you to book a scheduled or flexible return trip.

When you book a flexible ride for someone, the request is active for the entire day you select—meaning the rider has until 11:59pm in their local time zone to request a ride. After that, the ride will expire.

If a flexible ride isn’t redeemed, the link will expire at 11:59pm on the day of the ride. You won’t be charged for rides that aren’t redeemed.

How a rider redeems a flexible ride

  • Central: The rider will open the link in the text message and tap Ready to Ride
  • Uber Health: The rider will reply to the text message with 1 or the prompted number (if there are multiple flexible bookings that day)

If you need to redeem a flexible ride on behalf of the rider, override the flexible ride by going to Today’s rides and selecting Request now on the ride. This option isn’t available for scheduled or future rides.