Viewing account activity

You can see all employee travel, meal, Central, Uber Health (with rider details redacted) and voucher requests on your organization’s Uber for Business account in the activity report downloaded from Activity on

What’s an activity report?

An activity report contains detailed information about each trip taken and meal ordered on your company’s account in the time period you specify, including:

  • Customer name and email
  • Trip or meal ID
  • Employee ID (if applicable)
  • Pickup and dropoff time and addresses
  • Request date, time and city
  • Service type (Eats, voucher, vehicle type, etc.)
  • Payment method and tip
  • Trip distance and duration
  • Expense code and memo
  • Group and program
  • Adjustments (shows any price adjustments, such as refunds, trip price changes, cleaning fees, XL upcharges, missing tolls, etc.)

Viewing Uber Health activity

To protect the privacy of riders, the complete Uber Health activity report must be downloaded from Past rides on the Uber Health dashboard. The report downloaded from will redact rider information.

In addition to the trip information included in the business dashboard activity report, the Uber Health report includes:

  • “As the crow flies” distance
  • Rider name and phone number
  • Coordinator name, group and ID