Why was my business account charged a cancellation fee?

Uber’s cancellation policy outlines that a fee will be charged when drivers accept a trip and proceed to the pickup location, but no trip occurs.

In some cases, your cancellation fee will be based on how far your driver has already driven. Cancellation fees compensate drivers for their time and are charged to your company’s Uber for Business account. A fee may apply in one of 2 situations:

1. Requestor cancels

If you cancel the ride more than 2 minutes after the request has been accepted by a driver or if the driver has already arrived, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee. In some cases, the fee may be based on how far your driver has already driven.

2. Driver cancels

If your driver cancels after waiting at least 5 minutes at the pickup location, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee. Please make sure the rider is ready for pickup before requesting the ride. We recommend using flexible rides to avoid issues with cancellation fees.

A cancellation fee won’t be charged if:

  • The trip hasn’t yet been matched with a driver
  • The rider doesn’t redeem the flexible ride via text message

If you see patterns of cancellations at a specific location, select the canceled ride under Completed or Past rides and then Request support to contact us for help.