Direct deposit late or missing

Your weekly earnings should be deposited to your bank account as early as Tuesday, but deposits may be delayed due to bank processing times.

Note: If your earnings are initiated on a banking holiday, processing times will be delayed until the next business day. Some banks take additional time to process earnings, so you might not see your deposit until Friday.

If you do not receive your earnings, first check that the banking information on your account is correct.

If you correct any inaccurate banking information on your account, the earnings will start to deposit the following Monday.

As a reminder, we calculate earnings on a weekly cycle, which begins at 4:00 AM local time on Monday and goes to 3:59 AM local time the following Monday. Each day of the earning cycle is broken down below:

  • Monday: Previous week’s earning cycle ends, and the current week’s earning cycle begins
  • Tuesday: Earning statement from the previous week is added to your driver dashboard at Earnings are processed and deposited directly into your bank account.

If more than 48 hours have passed since the expected deposit time and your banking information was correct, let us know below: