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How do I get paid for multiple orders from the same restaurant?

For delivery trips that involve one pickup and multiple dropoffs, your fare is calculated by adding together:

Pickup: A fixed fee for pickup at the restaurant.
Drop off: A fixed drop off fee for each dropoff location.
Distance traveled: A per-mile rate for the total distance you travel from pickup to the first drop-off, and from there to the second drop-off. (We base this on the most efficient route determined by the app.)

Let's do the math: For example, if you pick up two orders from a restaurant, drop them off at two locations, and total distance traveled is 12.2 miles, the fare would be calculated like this:

$2.50 pickup + $ 00.20 x 12.2 miles + $3.00 dropoff x 2 = $10.94 fare

Uber's service fee is applied to that fare.