My delivery partner account may have been suspended

  • For general questions when you are not getting trip or delivery requests, contact us from here

In order to deliver a highly satisfying food delivery experience to our customers, Uber Eats has set the following standards.
If the numbers below are significantly lower than the average, you may receive an in-app warning or your account may be suspended.

<Average rating>
Restaurants and customers have the opportunity to rate their delivery, and delivery partners can also rate and provide feedback on their experience of receiving and delivering food. This system helps create a respectful, safe and professional environment for everyone.

*Reasons for Account Suspension: If a delivery partner's rating begins to approach the minimum delivery rating for each city, Uber will contact you to let you know. If a delivery partner's delivery rating continues to fall below the minimum line for their city, they may be suspended from accessing Uber Eats.

<Cancellation rate>
If a delivery partner cancels a delivery, it can be frustrating for both the restaurant and the customer. Cancellations lead to a poor orderer experience. Sometimes problems arise and we have to cancel an accepted delivery request, but minimizing cancellations is critical to maintaining the reliability of our system.

* Reasons for account suspension: If the cancellation rate of the delivery partner is much higher than the average for each city, we may send you a warning and then log you out of the app. Eligible delivery partners may be subject to account suspension if their cancellation rate continues to exceed maximum limits.

<Response rate>
By continuing to respond to delivery requests, delivery partners contribute to the maximization of their own income, and restaurant partners and users (orderers) can comfortably use the service.
Not accepting requests while online in your app introduces delays and reduces the reliability of the service as a whole. If you don't want or can't accept delivery requests, go offline.

*If the Delivery Partner continues to decline delivery requests, we will assume that the Delivery Partner does not want to accept any more deliveries during that time slot, and the account will automatically be deleted until the Delivery Partner logs in again. You may be logged off.

If you have received a warning email not limited to the above content and your Uber account has been suspended, or if you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us using the form below.