Change delivery method

If you wish to change your mode of delivery (i.e. from Motorbike to Bicycle) please submit the form below.

-Multiple vehicle registrations are only available for the same delivery mode.
- Once the change is made, you will be able to submit any additional documents, as well as update your registered vehicles from the account page in your Partner App.
- Please note that documents review takes 2 business days and during the review, you cannot go online.
- Please note that it can take a few days for incentives to be updated to your new delivery mode.
- If you are a foreign national, you will be required to visit one of our Compliance Centers after you update your delivery mode.
-Walker mode is ONLY available for those who registered Bicycle mode. Please note that you CAN’T deliver only with the walker mode.
※If your account is already active, there are no additional documents required to change to the walker mode. Select “Walker” on the App when you want to deliver with Walker mode.

If you wish to update the vehicle info on your CURRENT delivery mode, please check the pages below.

Please read the Note above before submitting this form.

If you wish to change your delivery mode, please select one of the following (choose only 1)