Rider made a mess

If a rider made a mess inside your vehicle during a trip that requires professional cleaning, you can let us know and we’ll review the incident. Cleaning Fee requests must be submitted within 3 calendar days of the trip where the mess was made.

In some cases, we may be able to charge the rider a Cleaning Fee, which will be paid directly to you.

When submitting your report, please include:

  • A photo of the mess taken with the device associated with your Uber account.
  • A photo of the mess location after it was cleaned.
  • A valid receipt from the cleaning service used to clean the mess. The receipt must include the date, time, amount paid for the services, and name of the service provider or business. The receipt must also be dated no more than one business day after the trip where the incident took place.
  • Details of how the mess happened.

More about Cleaning Fees

  • Cleaning Fee requests that omit any of the above information may be denied. Cleaning Fee payments are never guaranteed. Uber will review and decide all Cleaning Fee requests, including the amount granted, within Uber’s sole discretion.
  • Cleaning Fees aren’t issued for unpleasant smells, cleaning supplies, time spent cleaning, or time spent not driving because of damage.
  • Claiming fraudulent fees or charges, like false Cleaning Fees, is against our Community Guidelines and may put your account at risk of deactivation.

If a rider damaged your vehicle excessively (beyond a typical mess or normal wear and tear), you can let us know in this help article.