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UK tolls, surcharges and fees

The upfront price you see on the offer card does not include estimated tolls, surcharges and other fees, tips from the rider or wait time fees, which will be added to your earnings as usual and then shown in your payment statement. However, there may be instances where the upfront price does not predict a toll or fee, but the driver incurs one. In such cases, it automatically includes the actual toll in the final trip payment. Similarly, the upfront price could include a toll which isn’t incurred. In this case the toll is not included in the final trip payment.

We’re always happy to refund the fee to you if, for whatever reason, the correct charge amount did not apply to a trip. However, we must be informed of these requests within 3 days of the trip. You may be asked to provide us with a valid receipt or proof of payment.

Airport pick-up/drop-off and parking fees are automatically included in the trip payment to cover the minimum expenses that you incur. Recirculation fines are not covered by Uber.

We currently have the following tolls, airport pick-up, airport drop-off fees and parking fees in your region:

London Heathrow Airport Pick-up: Short Stay Car Park - £5.30 for 30 minutes Drop-Off: Drop-off lanes - £5.00 Additional charges: AVA waiting area - £1.00 fee for the first 60 minutes

London Gatwick Airport Pick-up - North Terminal: Car Park 6 Level 5 - £5.00 for 30 minutes Pick-up - South Terminal: Orange Car Park Level 0 - £5.00 for 30 minutes Drop-Off: Drop-off lanes - Free Additional charges: Long Stay South Zone A - £1.50 for 4 hours.

London City Airport Pick-up: Short Stay Car Park (Orange Zone) - £3.80 for 10 minutes Drop-Off: Drop-off lanes - Free

Stansted Airport Pick-up: Short Stay Car Park (Orange Zone) - £10.00 for 30 minutes Drop-Off: Express Set Down - £7.00 for 15 minutes

Luton Airport Pick-up: Priority Pick-up Zone - £5.00 for 10 minutes Drop-Off: Priority Drop-off Zone - £5.00 for 10 minutes

Glasgow Prestwick Airport Airport Drop-Off and Pick-Up: Car Park 1 - £3.00 for up to 60 minutes

Dartford Tunnel £2.50 between 06:00 and 22:00, Monday to Sunday**

Blackwall Tunnel Not covered by Uber

Dulwich Estate toll The standard toll is £1.20 for each single journey through the Tollgate.

Kingsway & Queensway tunnels Standard toll is £2 per vehicle for each way

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