Area Preferences

How does it work?

Area Preferences allows you to choose areas you’d like to drive in, giving you more control over where and when you drive. In the Trip Planner section of the Driver app, navigate to Driving Preferences, and next to Area Preferences, toggle the feature on. Choose your preferred area(s) by selecting them on the map. Selecting multiple areas increases your likelihood of getting more trip requests. You will only receive trips where the pick-up and drop-off destinations are within the boundaries of the select areas.

You can turn the feature on and off and change your selected areas at any time during the 2 hours per day that you’re using the feature. The 2 hour per day limit includes time spent online (including on-trip) and when the feature is turned on. Going offline will clear your preferred areas you have most recently selected. The following conditions must be met in order to use Area Preferences:

  • Select the area you are currently in
  • Turn Destination Filter off

Area Preferences cannot be toggled on/off while on-trip.

Airport trips

While using Area Preferences, you will not receive Airport pick-up requests. In order to be added to Airport queues, make sure you have the Area Preferences feature turned off and you are located in the Staging lot. Turning Area Preferences on while waiting in an Airport pick-up queue will remove you from the queue.

How do I get access?

Currently, Area Preferences is only available to drivers with Uber Pro Platinum or Diamond statuses. Learn more about how you can secure Platinum or Diamond status. Please note that Area Preferences is not live in all US markets.

What type of trips does this affect?

Area Preferences will not filter Eats trips by destination. If you are both driving and delivering with Area Preferences turned on, only your Rides trips (UberX, UberX Share, Connect, Black) will be filtered by destination.

For more information, see Uber Pro Terms and Conditions.